Aluminum is more reactive than copper. 5. To make the equilibrium mixture I give to students, I use some copper II chloride, and add some sodium chloride or aluminum chloride to shift the equilibrium a bit more towards the products. 4. 4. I worked with a partner in this lab.

That is why the blue solution becomes colorless. When combined, copper(II) chloride and aluminum form copper metal and aluminum chloride. 5. Take the temperature of the water / copper (II) chloride solution and write down any qualitative observations that you can.

Therefore when aluminum foil is put into the copper salt solution, aluminum atoms on the surface of the foil (in contact with the solution) reacts and takes the place of copper(II) ions in the solution (it now becomes aluminum chloride solution). On the fourth try, we had got the experiment correct. the following reaction occurs: 2Al (s) + 3Cu2+ --> 2Al3+ + 3Cu (s) The aluminum switches places with the copper in copper chloride. Aluminum and Copper Materials for Demonstration Aluminum foil, 6" × 12" Graduated cylinder, 250-mL Copper(II) chloride solution, 0.5 M, 150 mL Stirring rod Beaker, tall-form, borosilicate glass, 600-mL Thermometer Safety Precautions Copper(II) chloride solution is toxic by ingestion. Lab 3-1 B: The Synthesis and Detection of Copper Allen Chen Grade 9 2012/12/4 Purpose: The purpose of this experience is to complete the single replacement reaction.I am hoping to achieve the reaction of isolating copper from Copper (II) Chloride{ 3Cu(II)Cl2 + 2Al = 3Cu(II) + 2AlCl3} , and letting Cu react with O throughout the process of inflammation{ 2Cu(II) + O2 = 2CuO}.

Lab: Mole Relationship in Chemical Reactions: Limiting and Excess Reactants Introduction In this lab, a single displacement reaction between aluminium metal and copper (II) chloride will be used to investigate the relationship between the limiting reactant and excess reactant. Potassium, sodium, hydrazine, nitromethane, aluminum, strong oxidizers, acetylene, and sodium hypobromite. 3. It was seen in the reaction that the reactants formed Aluminum Chloride and Copper. We…

emission of heat identified that a chemical reaction was currently at hand. During this lab, we tested how much aluminum would need to be added to a solution of copper chloride to become balanced. Place 10 mL of the CuCl2 solution in … (data for anhydrous material) Limiting Reactants: Copper (II) Chloride and Aluminum Abstract The reaction of copper (II) chloride with aluminum was performed to identify the products formed, type or reaction, theoretical yield of the product, and percent yield of the product. Aluminum and Copper Chloride Lab: Limiting Reagent Edition Qualitative Observations: We already noticed that a red precipitate formed, but it is also important to find evidence for the aluminum ionizing in the solution. Watch aluminum foil disappear as it is added to a green-blue solution of copper(II) chloride.

Stoichiometry will be used to calculate the limiting reactant, and the percent yield of copper metal produced. I don't use a specific concentration, as the lab is very qualitative. Conditions to Avoid: Incompatibles. Hydrogen, a flammable gas, is produced in the reaction. Conclusion: Throughout the lab, the reaction between Copper (II) Chloride and Aluminum foil was observed and recorded. The daily turnover of Copper through ceruloplasmin is approximately 0.5 mg. Excretion of Copper is through the bile (80%), directly through the intestinal wall (16%) and in urine (4%). We combined 2.01675 grams of CuCl2 with 0.20 grams of aluminum. When aluminum (foil) is placed in an aqueous solution of copper(II) chloride, the aluminum atoms lose electrons to the copper(II) ions and replace them to form aluminum chloride, and to free up metallic copper.

In order to make aluminum a limiting reagent, the amount of aluminum would have to be decreased and the amount of Copper (11) Chloride dihydrate would have to be increased.

Experiment One: We added 20ml of water into a test tube.


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