Supreme is the most common variety sold in 10 in/25 cm pots.

Let us now understand these beautiful flowers in … Novelty varieties include ‘Golden Delicious’, with chartreuse foliage, and ’White Stripe’, which has a single vertical stripe down the center of the leaves. S. ‘Sensation’: This largest of the peace lily varieties will reach up to 6 feet in height with broad, 20-inch long leaves. at all, but rather a member of the Araceae family.Its flowers resemble those of the calla lily (both plants belong to the same family) and is the reason for its name. Spathiphyllum Wallisii is a smaller variety of peace lily, that reaches only 12 inches in height.

The Peace Lily, also known as the White Sail Plant or Spathiphyllum, is one of the most popular plants to grow indoors. The variegated peace lily, or Spathiphyllum clevelandii, is a popular houseplant that's notable for its lush, vibrant foliage and bright, white blooms. The toxins include benzene, …

S. ‘Mauna Loa Supreme': a very common variety, growing to 3 to 4 feet tall with leaves up to 9 inches wide. In rare cases, some people may suffer from contact dermatitis, …

There are a range of peace lilies available: “giant”, green-flowering and gorgeous variegated leaf varieties. Although different peace lily varieties are not usually easy to get a hold of, you can easily find them online. If people only knew that it filters out five dangerous toxins from the air, it would be the most popular of all!. PEACE LILY VARIETIES. Spathiphyllum ’Power Petite’: a small variety, growing to only about 15 inches. S. 'Mojo': This striking, large plant has vibrant green leaves. Peace lily display tips and varieties. Here are some of the best peace lily varieties! Dozens Peace lily varieties exist, varying in size, leaf color, and flowering habits.

Sensation: The giant peace lilies seen in malls and airports are usually Sensation, which grows to 6 ft/1.8 m tall. A long-time favorite of those with a green-thumb and even those without, Spathiphyllum, commonly known as the peace lily, is an adaptable and low-maintenance houseplant.Peace lilies are not true lilies (Lilium spp.) How to grow and care for a peace lily.

A tropical plant, the variegated peace lily was introduced to the rest of the world from the rain forests of South America. All parts of Spathiphyllum s are mildly poisonous.

A few decades back, German horticulturists introduced more than a dozen new varieties of Spathiphyllum in the American greenhouses.

It is yet to be seen if these free flowering varieties shall take precedence over the original resilient peace lily version. Though there are dozens of peace lily varieties—most of them hybrids—gardeners are most likely to find only a handful of these in garden centers.


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