Clump-forming winter or summer annual.

The best-known example of poa annua in golf is its use as the putting green grass at Pebble Beach Golf Links. A well-maintained lawn doesn’t leave any room for weed seeds to sprout. Solutions. Annual bluegrass research shows that the plant is becoming resistant to the preemergent Barricade (Prodiamine). Hairless, soft, light green leaves are folded in the bud and lack auricles. Ligule Leaves have linear margins (sides parallel) and distinctive boat-shaped tips. Also known as annual bluegrass, poa annua has a light green color to it and distinctive seed heads. Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) is a low growing cool-season grass in the family Poaceae.

The ligule is membranous and rounded. This page is an expert guide on getting rid of poa annua grass from your yard using the products and methods suggested by our experienced lawn care specialists. Annual bluegrass is a light green bunch-type to slightly spreading winter annual weedy grass. Check the labels of Dimension (Dithiopyr) and Halts (Pendimethalin) for information on Poa annua control.

Poa annua is a type of grass sometimes found on golf courses and sometimes used as the putting green grass. It is widely adapted to different site conditions and cultural practices.

Life cycle: Winter annual Growth Habit: Generally bunch type but can be stoloniferous Propagation: Seed Ligule: Large membranous Auricles: Absent Vernation: Folded Collar: Narrow, smooth Root Type: Fibrous Seedhead Color: Greenish white Multimedia Annual bluegrass .

Identification and Life Cycle. ID Characteristics. These perennial types are particularly evident in bentgrass golf greens. It’s important to distinguish the two because Kentucky bluegrass is highly desirable in a lawn, but annual bluegrass is a weed. It is often a lighter green than the lawn grass. However, annual bluegrass (Poa annua) is also producing similar looking seedheads. Organic Lawn Herbicides


Annual Meadowgrass, Wintergrass.

Some subspecies exist which are classified as short-lived perennials (Poa annua ssp. Annual bluegrass.

To keep your lawn thick and Poa annua at bay, feed your grass regularly (4 times per year) with Scotts® Turf Builder® lawn fertilizer products.Remember, each feeding should be spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. Annual meadow grass (Poa annua) is a common weedy grass in New Zealand gardens and lawns. has generated an increasing interest in selection and breeding of this species. Poa annua L. Poaceae (Grass family) Life cycle. Poa annua . Follow this guide and use the recommended products and we guarantee you will have a lawn free of poa annua grassy weed. It is also a common weed in waste places, flowerbeds and paths. Both annual and perennial types exist.

Poa annua is light green in color with coarse-textured leaves and produces unsightly seed heads in spring.

Mature plants grow in dense tufts, 3 to 12 inches tall with roots at the lower nodes. Once you've identified poa annua in your lawn, killing poa annua is actually pretty easy.

Poa annua L. has long been a cultivated weed on golf courses.

If you lawn is thick and lush, weeds like Poa annua will have a hard time becoming established.


Identify the problem. Some crabgrass preemergent products are also labeled for Poa annua so check the label. Poa annua can be used on other parts of the course, too, and is sometimes the grass of choice for rough. However, the recent development of improved cultivars of creeping bluegrass (Poa annua reptans Hausskn.)

Kentucky bluegrass is currently producing seedheads that are difficult to mow and create an uneven appearance. Poa annua, or annual bluegrass, is one of the most common and widely distributed grassy weeds in the U.S.

Annual bluegrass leaf blade tips are prow-shaped, and leaves tend to be crinkled at the midsection. How To Get Rid of Poa Annua Grassy Weed.


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