Half of all aluminium cans are recycled. Adds jobs to the economy; Slows the consuming of natural resources; Promotes scientific advancements in recyclable and biodegradable materials. A few preventative steps can maximize metal recycling advantages while reducing the disadvantages. Roughly 98 of iron ore on the global market is used in iron and steel production.

Advantages of Recycling Metal 1. Steel cans are the most recycled food and beverage container in the world. Water is also used in great quantities in the manufacturing of many metals. For example, the National Institutes of Health say recycling aluminum uses 95 percent less energy than deriving it from raw materials, while recycling steel saves 60 percent. Recycling metals still uses energy, albeit about 95 per cent less than new production. Economic benefits. In the past 40 years there has been a 50% reduction in energy consumption in the industry in Europe. In South Africa and Japan recycling rates for steel packaging are close to 90%, and in Belgium the rate is 93%. Common methods of extracting the iron ore consist of blasting drilling or general excavating. If a magnet does not stick to a metallic product, it is probably aluminum. Estimates are that 84 percent of the iron and steel used in foundries is recycled scrap. Metal recycling also conserves natural resources. Ores are a non renewable resource. Scrap metal recycling facilities are like mines above ground, rich with resources that can be re-used to preserve the environment, at a fraction of the cost to mine and refine metals from virgin ores.Scrap metal is not waste. Prevention/Solution. Recycling steel requires 56 percent less energy than producing steel from iron ore, and reduces Co2 emissions by up to 58 percent. Material which can be recycled are : Plastic drink bottels, chipboard, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, glass bottels, beverage cans, magazine, plastic, aluminium, paper, glass, trash etc., Find out more on advantages and disadvantages of Recycling. Preserving Resources. Recycled copper is almost as valuable as new copper, making it a common target for scrap metal thieves. Steel is the most recycled material in the world and can be recycled forever. Traditionally, metal recycling has been regarded as a profitable business opportunity. Most iron ore is produced from open-pit mines. Some Examples of recycling materials are as follows. recycling metals allow raw materials (ores) to be saved. In other words, recycling steel is a really great … Advantages.
Recycling also reduces the need for mining virgin ore. Economic Benefits. Every ton of recycled steel saves 1.5 tons of iron ore, .5 tons of coal and 40 percent of the water normally used in the production process. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. 13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling Recycling is considered as one of the best solutions to reduce garbage output and its impact on the environment. The process of extracting a metal from its ore is costly and requires lots of energy, recycling will reduce this need. Mining and processing. There are many advantages of recycling aluminium. The advantages are that it is better for the environment and allows waste products to be remade into something usable.

Steel-to-steel recycling means that a steel can is just as likely to become part of a bridge, a car, or a ship, in its next life. Recycling steel reduces the consumption of other valuable resources. As of 2011, more than 450,000 jobs were sustained by the scrap metal recycling industry, and these numbers have continued to rise over the passing years. Since it takes more energy to dig up and produce aluminium than any other metal, recycling not only avoids resources to be extracted from Earth, it also saves energy - lots of energy!


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