Wonderfully fragrant double flowers provide a delightful spring landscape accent. Comment About Planting Mock Orange, Philadephus, prefer growing in well-drained sandy clay soils and full sun to partial shade. Prune mock orange shrubs after they’ve finished flowering. These beautiful flowers are expected in June. You can find it in countless botanical parks and gardens... its known for its bright white blooms and citrus-like scent. 1 1/2-2 foot plants. This long time favorite naturally grows 6-8 feet tall, but can be pruned to any height. [5] Philadelphus Virginal is more commonly known as the Mock Orange due to its delightful fragrance. This hardy shrub produces fully double blooms in the purest white from June through to July which rest against dark green foliage. The pure white double flowers of this lovely Mock Orange are up to 2″ wide and have a sweet, citrus fragrance. The Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange has a compact, dwarf habit to this flowering shrub. A dwarf flowering shrub with a natural vase shape.

Deciduous glossy dark green foliage sheds old leaves at the end of … Form: shrub Flower Form: 2" double flowered with 3 - 7 racemes. Densely branched with attractive, lush green foliage. The double blooms are refreshing, both in fragrance and bright white color. Soil Requirements: Moist well-drained soil. Cut stems are great for floral arrangements. With its compact habit, it's a good choice for smaller gardens, in mass plantings or as part of a hedge. This is a disease resistant plant and extremely hardy in the landscape. Snow White Sensation® is useful as a specimen or backdrop for … Foliage: Serrate oval 3" medium green leaves. This improved mock orange hybrid blooms profusely during May and June. Miniature Snowflake Mock Orange Philadelphus x virginalis 'Dwarf Snowflake' Sku #6441.

Be sure to hold off on pruning until after flowering. Bred in Canada, this shrub produces lots of double flowers on the ends of its branches that fill the air with intense fragrance in early summer. Its flowers are a double white and extremely fragrant! Pruning your shrubs immediately after their flowers fade will maximize their growing time, resulting in more blooms next growing season.

Blossoms are four petaled, typically 12 inches wide; they range from single to fully double and may be borne singly or in clusters, depending on species. White mockorange flowering shrub is ideal for borders or as a specimen plant. When planting Mock Orange, I always dig the planting hole two … Very fragrant double white flowers 2 inches across adorn each slender, gracefully erect branch. This plant grows well in most levels of sun, requires neutral soil conditions and tolerates the wind very well.

The compact shrub is versatile and adaptable enough to fit into many places in the landscape so that you can easily enjoy its won

Add a natural privacy screen to your yard with the Mock Orange Tree. They appear all over gracefully arching stems which adds a sophisticated, formal touch to the landscape. One of the Sweetest-Smelling Shrubs The Sweet Mock Orange (otherwise known as the English Dogwood or Philadelphus Coronarius) gives you an amazing fragrance that can be noticed throughout your yard. Produces creamy white blooms with a delightful orange blossom scent, creating a striking focal point in your landscape. Grown for white or cream- colored, usually fragrant flowers that bloom in late spring or early summer. The flowers of mock orange shrubs bloom on old wood, or the growth that develops in the summer, fall, and spring prior to flowering. Growth Rate: Fast Pruning: Prune annually after the blooming period, to help maintain its shape, in early summer, since the shrub blooms on the previous year's growth. Deciduous. The blooms are very fragrant, and the foliage is lush and green. Zones 4-8.


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