Photo Credit: Sea Shepherd & Barbara Veiga. Photograph: Adam Lau/Sea Shepherd/Reuters Atsushi Ishii, Japanese political scientist and professor at Tohoku University's Center for Northeast Asian Studies stated in his 2011 book Kaitai Shinso: Hogei Ronso ("Anatomy of the Whaling Debate"), that Japan used the activities by conservationists like Sea Shepherd as a face-saving excuse to stop the unprofitable Antarctic hunt. The Truth about "Traditional" Japanese Whaling Commentary by Paul WatsonFounder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Japan argues that whaling is a cultural tradition practiced by the Japanese for centuries. Sea Shepherd humiliated the Japanese government for years. Sea Shepherd is calling it quits on its 12-year ocean campaign to stop Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean, saying it cannot match Tokyo's technological and economic power.

And these achievements did … Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has announced it will not intercept Japanese vessels in the Southern Ocean this season. Photo Credit: Sea Shepherd & Barbara Veiga. Sea Shepherd’s Statement on Japan’s Decision to Commercially Slaughter Whales. Sea Shepherd, the environmental group famous for tracking, exposing and occasionally ramming Japanese whalers, says it can no longer compete with them on the high seas. Sea Shepherd agrees $2.55m payment to Japanese whalers for injunction breach ... Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd claims two of its vessels were rammed by Japanese whalers in 2013 The tactics of Sea Shepherd have been opposed, even by some who denounce whaling, such as Greenpeace and some officials in the governments of Australia and New Zealand. Sea Shepherd’s Statement on Japan’s Decision to Commercially Slaughter Whales. Sea Shepherd contributed greatly towards securing evidence that helped to convince the International Court of Justice to condemn Japanese so called scientific whaling as bogus and unlawful. Los Angeles, California – December 26 th, 2018 – Since 2002, Sea Shepherd has opposed Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary with expeditions to Antarctic waters first in 2002 followed by continuous campaigns from 2005 until 2017. And these achievements did …

Last year Sea Shepherd could find the whaling fleet but could not close in because Japanese real time sat-technology can tell them exactly where Sea Shepherd ships are at all times.

Over the last 12 years, Sea Shepherd has exposed the Japanese whalers and denied them “thousands of lives that we have spared from their deadly harpoons.” In 2015, Japan announced plans to send its whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean under its new scaled-down scientific “ whale research program” to catch up to 333 minke whales on an annual basis over a period of 12 years. Sea Shepherd doesn't rule out going into Japanese waters At the helm of the marine activists' main vessel, Bob Barker, is 28-year-old captain Peter Hammarstedt.


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