The Linux Foundation is responsible for the performance-based tests and is the only one offering such exams. Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate.

Check out the CompTIA Career Roadmap for a comprehensive list of certifications that can help you become a systems administrator. First, becoming a database administrator calls for some pre-existing skills, both technical (already being a good systems administrator) and personal (a hunger to learn and troubleshoot). A system administrator is a professional who is held accountable for network setup, annual server maintenance such as mail servers and file servers, and much more. An administrator who keeps upgrading his skill with time can be a great asset for an organization.

When a certification has been retired for more than one year, it will be removed from this page.

Retiring on August 31, 2020: Retired certifications. Find certifications that have been retired within the last year. So, let me put the list for both Windows and Linux. Adding certifications such as CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ will show employers you have the current skills to be successful as a systems administrator. Technical skills are what make one administrator better than the other.
System Administrator. Passing the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam demonstrates mastery of ServiceNow System Administration and certifies that a candidate has the skills and essential knowledge necessary to manage the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform. People who have done certifications like system center config manager are worthy candidates for the profile of system administrator. The Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator is a certification earned by taking a test that is based on administrative performance.. This in turn means that most seasoned production DBAs have first gained experience in other related IT job categories, such as IT support roles. The question has no detail as what Operating Systems certifications you are interested to know about.


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