Write it down. Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of 18 27Thanks. Jul 28, 2015 - INTJ. The “Other Side” of the INFJ. By Elaine Schallock, INFJ. Of course, we want to get a good night’s sleep. I feel like I have a mask on all the time, hiding the real person underneath . Ben says. ENTPs typically shut down when they are stressed or feeling strong emotions. You may tend to shut down more heated discussions because of your desire for harmony and cooperation, but understand that differing views of a particular issue can often lead to a better, more dynamic solution to an existing problem. When I get upset, I shut down. An INFJ’s intuitive focus also means that he’ll tend to have his head in the clouds as opposed to being a more down-to-earth personality type. One of the biggest problems that I have, when I lay down to sleep, is I start to think about things that I need to do or want to do. I'm use to these rapid changes in pace in my own emotions. (Ok, ok.) “INFJs will go out of their way to seek out people who share their desire for authenticity, and out of their way to avoid those who don’t.” But you see, the INFJ brain doesn’t want to cooperate. One of the most frequently asked questions I get from INFJs and INFPs is about suppressed intuition. But you have a hard time recognizing your own feels… 4. I would assume it is dependent on why the ENTP is shutting down. Doing so would be the equivalent of ordering the sun to stop shining for a day. The Top 7 INFJ Problems. Then I worry that I’ll forget them. It makes it easier to see how we INFJs can make serious errors of judgment even while having the best intentions. You constantly get caught up in other peoples emotions 3. Any sign of judgment or harshness from another causes them to shut down their remaining layers deep within themselves, never to be opened to that individual again.” #42 Anais Nin “Love never dies a natural death. I go silent and don't talk much. About 60% of the arguments an INTJ/INFJ couple have boil down to one thing: the INTJ talking in blunt terms about ideas they think could be factually correct while the INFJ struggles with how those ideas impact them (or others they care about). They become aloof, quiet, introverted. No matter how much we try, INFJs can’t just shut down our mind. Antonia is an author, thought leader, coach, trainer, systems thinker, and personality profiling expert. Jan 17, 2014 - INFJ Anonymous: Shut Down >> sometimes i feel so much of feeling of others that i cannot reach mine anymore It seems that so many of us shut down our natural intuitive gifts in childhood or early adolescence. During this "depression" I actually rarely feel depressed, or sad, or anything for that matter. I just sit there and think.

this was a lot of help. Quiet but passionate, wise but childlike, creative but caring, these gentle, intuitive people are highly complex and often misunderstood individuals. I wish you would remove some of the ads on your site. The INFJ Depression is what I use to explain when I completely shut down. A conflict only becomes destructive when people start using personal attacks; till then, leave it open for debate. Sometimes I can feel happy, mad, or sad for months on end. by Michaela | 142 comments. Thanks for this enlighting article. You’ve been told more than once you can see into someone’s soul. Re: Uncle Intel: Federal Reserve is trying to find a way to shut the banks down A friend of my grandmother has a son that works at the Fed in Philly. INFJ Because they are introverted, the INFJ will become quickly drained after too much social interaction. Here are the people and situations that will cause each personality type the most emotional exhaustion. They lash out, saying and doing cruel, hateful things. Many of the characteristics of Myers and Briggs' INFJ personality type can also describe a highly sensitive person (HSP). Shut up Jon, take the criticism.

The Things That Drain Each Personality Type Most Certain situations drain each personality type differently. Because of their rarity, INFJs inevitably face many unique challenges. Ways You Know You’re An INFJ… 1. Immediately after putting our head on a soft pillow, bam! 2. When INFJs get angry, they’re likely to process their feelings through Introverted Thinking before expressing them out loud. You sometimes just wanna shut … Whether you are an INFJ, an HSP or both, Using Introverted Thinking, you might: Assess the logical ways you could solve the problem. That is exactly what INFJ personality types are up against. Or are they the same thing? I run off of emotions and I know that I can go from elated to depressed in a matter of seconds.


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