SULLE RELIGIONI CINESI. Father Matteo Ricci (known as Li Madou to his Chinese contemporaries) was an Italian-Jesuit priest who lived between 1552 and 1610. • "The Master from the West," an exhibit that commemorated the 400th anniversary of the Jesuit's death, visited Beijing, Shangh ai, Nanjing and Macao. 1552 Il 6 ottobre Matteo Ricci nasce a Macerata. Crediti. Ricci produced the first edition of his map of the world Great Map of Ten Thousand Countries. 25 octobre 2019. michael jackson - live at the madison square garden 2001 full show ultra hd 60fps - duration: 50:48. the youtube experience by romeo & co. The first critical step was the decision about his burial place. 1. Matteo Ricci ultimately accomplished his goal by setting up missions and overcoming a lot of adversity Ricci's World Map of 1602 done in Chinese Characters He went to Macau to study Chinese. From Matteo Ricci to Today, 400 Years of Christianity in Nanjing 2. MATTEO RICCI. The death of Matteo Ricci in Beijing in 1610 was a turning point in some ways, because his funeral and burial were the cause of the Jesuits themselves becoming involved in more Chinese funerary customs. Slideshow 4589426 by said It is Ricci (and his partners) who brought to the Ming Dynasty the scientific knowledge prevailing in Renaissance Europe, 1571 Interrompe gli studi di legge ed entra nel noviziato della compagnia di Gesù. At the initiative of a Christian convert, the Jesuits asked the Chinese emperor to offer an appropriate burial ground. Matteo Ricci brought trigonometry to China Devolved many mathematic and geometrical tools. LA VITA DI M.RICCI. Matteo Ricci (1552-1610), the 16th-century Italian Jesuit missionary, is generally known as the pioneer in introducing Western learning to China. Macau was the closest he could get to mainland China because he was foreign


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