Mikania micrantha or mile-a-minute is regarded as a major invasive weed in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and is now the target of a biological control program. As part of the program, distribution and physical and socioeconomic impacts of M. micrantha were studied to obtain baseline data and to assist with field release of biological control agents. This is primarily attributed to escape from specialist consumers. Mikania micrantha Kunth, a climbing perennial weed of the family Asteraceae, is native to Latin America and is highly invasive in the tropical belt of Asia, Oceania and Australia. "Effects of a Mikania laevigata extract on bone resorption and RANKL expression during experimental periodontitis in rats." When introduced to new habitats by humans, some plant species become much more dominant. There are a variety of ways of increasing crop diversity to increase agricultural sustainability and in turn having a positive influence on nearby natural ecosystems. List of various diseases cured by Mikania Micrantha. That's what makes farmers will soon be possible to destroy the plant. Mikania (Mikania micrantha) is an exotic perennial herbaceous vine belonging to the family Asteraceae (Compositae).It is originated from tropical South and Central America but is now widely distributed in India, Southeast Asia, Pacific islands and South China including Guangdong and Hong Kong. Fitoterapia. Jamaican Guaco (Mikania Micrantha) wildcrafted herb, is well-known as a herbal remedy to treat various ailments throughout the body. Competitive crops may provide potent management tools against invasive plants. A decoction of the leaves is also Jamaican Guaco Mikania. How Mikania Micrantha is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Several Mikania species have a reputation in Africa and South America as antidotes for snake bites, venereal disease, ophthalmia, rheumatism and gout, and dysentery. One of the many uses of quaco leaves is that they a ... Health Benefits of Jamaican Guaco. The range of M. scandens overlaps with that of M. micrantha in Florida, where efforts are being made to help managers identify the Mikania species correctly (Anderson et al., 2012).

"Sesquiterpene lactones from Mikania micrantha and Mikania cordifolia and their cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory evaluation." Both Beckwith and Steggerda reported its use in Jamaica for diarrhoea, while the former mentioned the use of a heated wad of leaves to relieve local pain and of a decoction for chest and stomach pains. Action Research on Mile-a-minute (mikania Micrantha) Infestation Control Capacity building services for establishing bamboo pre-processing canters and capacitate farmers on sustainable bamboo resources management practices to strengthen bamboo supply chain


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