The rest of the owners may not be billionaires, but they are, without a doubt, extremely rich. Another Microsoft giant, Allen co-founded the company with Bill Gates, so it’s no surprise to see his name way up high on the richest NBA owners list. Out of the 30 teams in the National Basketball Association today, 15 are owned by billionaires.

Forbes recently revealed its listof the richest sports team ownersof 2016, and while NFL owners get a lot of hype for their deep pockets, the wealthiestownerresides in the NBA. The average NBA team is now worth $634 million, up 25% from last year. 1. With an estimated net worth of $51.4 billion, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is not only the richest owner in the NBA but is also the 16th richest person in the world. The 15 richest billionaire NBA club owners, and how they made their fortune Nov 4, 2019, 13:50 IST 2019-11-04T13:50:09+05:30 15: Michael Jordan — Charlotte Hornets ($1.9 billion) Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, is now on top as the richest owner … Joe Lewis Joe Lewis. Devos Sr. was named by Forbes as the 60th richest man in the United States and the 205th all over the globe in 2012, with a $5.1 billion estimated net worth. In America, owning an NBA team would probably show the whole world that you’re actually doing well in terms of finance. Most Expensive Shoes Worn In An NBA Game (Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant) - Duration: 16:30.

Having a cruise ship corporation such as the Carnival Corporation will definitely make you rich and famous. He was also a minority owner of the Chicago Cubs baseball team while being a majority stakeholder of the Magic. The "poorest" billionaire in the NBA is one of the most famous athletes in the world, and there are some other notable names among the NBA's richest billionaire owners. In the recent list released by Forbes about the 400 Richest Americans, 14 of tho The Richest NBA Owners in the Forbes 400 List. #5) Micky Arison – One of the Richest NBA Owners. As of November 4, 2019, the 15 richest club owners in the NBA are worth $124.5 billion collectively. British businessman and Currency trader, Joe Lewis, is the current owner of the English professional football club Tottenham Hotspur of English Premier League.He has a current total … Richest Sports Club Owners in the World 10. Team: Miami Heat. Rebound Central 2,595,205 views Ballmer joined the ranks of NBA team owners in 2014 when he paid $2 billion for the long-suffering Clippers franchise. The Miami Heat wasamazing in the past few years when it comes to NBA Championships and Micky has to be very proud of those achievements.

Most sports teams owners are rich, and then there is Steve Ballmer-rich. As you might expect, the typical NBA team owner is a very wealthy individual. Net Worth: $5.9 Billion.

Harris Blitzer (Philadelphia 76ers) The wealthiest NBA owners according to Forbes. Forbes released its list of world’s richest sports team owners and there is a new owner sitting at No.


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