If the original variable has a label, you might want to create a label for the new variable that carries over all or some of the information contained in the original variable’s label. Copy Specified SAS Data Set First we copy a single data set from one library to another. I use the Copy Procedure and specify the IN= and OUT= options to be the libraries from which I want to copy data from and to respectively. Transferring value labels from one variable to another 06 Aug 2014, 09:10. I guess that you want one variable to be labelled according to the value labels of another. In that case, you want to copy (e.g., "test1", "test2", "test3") and modify). Dear reader, Is it possible to copy the value labels of a variable to another variable through the syntax? Can anyone explain how to do that?

... the view cannot be copied from one version of SAS to another version. From: "Doogar, Rajib" Re: st: Using one variable to label another. So for every one label it has to read 'set1', apply a label and save 'set1'.

So for example variable Emotions with value labels 1 "Happy" 2 "Sad" 3 "Joy". From: "Doogar, Rajib" Re: st: Using one variable to label another. The Problem Creating a new variable from an existing variable is a common operation in SAS. Copy a variable from one Dataset to another one 05 Aug 2014, 02:51 Dear all, my goal is to copy two variables from Dataset nr 1 and paste them in Dataset nr 2. d1 has label "how many suppliers do you have", and I would like to generate another variable called "label" that equals this label. To limit copying to specific members, use either the SELECT ... the best way to add a label, rename a variable, or change a The code I have below works, but it's very inefficient because it runs the macro for each variable.

Sometimes two variables in a dataset may convey the same information, except one is a numeric variable and the other one is a string variable.

Why is this? I am recoding a bunch of variables (200 to be exact). local lbl : variable label oldvar label var newvar `"`lbl'"' The compound double quotes here are an example of programmer's paranoia. Re: Applying Labels From one SAS Variable to Another Varaiable. I want to copy 843 variable labels from one dataset to another which contains the same variables but some of them have different types. You can use a LABEL statement in a PROC step, but the rules are different. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. To copy selected SAS files, use a SELECT or EXCLUDE statement. For example, in the 2 data sets there's a variable called d1, and for individuals for whom d1 in data set 1 is different from d1 in data set 2, it generates an observation with "variable" being d1. how do I copy these value labels to the variable A label (_cstDSLabel parameter) is specified for newstudy.source_values with the value SDTM Source Value Metadata. temp_6132_1477012215403_784 As the captured picture above, I want to copy names and labels to WORD or EXCEL, but in stata can only copy a name once a time , Posted 04-20-2015 (356 views) | In reply to anitapamu2 Get the value of the label into another variable and use call label instead of label:


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