Failure to renew prior to September 29 will result in SAS not running on your computer. Download SAS University Edition for free.

Because SAS University Edition is a virtual application, you need virtualization software to run it.

The mentioned edition is free and designed for teachers, professors, students and … SAS Installation Cannot Continue Instructions for completing an installation of SAS 9.4 on a Windows computer where the installer is expired.

All SAS licenses must be registered. New release of SAS University Edition, which uses SAS Studio 3.3. SAS University Edition (runs on your computer) SAS OnDemand (runs in the cloud) ... SAS licenses expire on June 30 each year.

Implemented a new two-step update process.

Can I use SAS University Edition if I already have SAS installed? SAS 9.4 SAS 9.4 is now available.

The new expiration date is July 31, 2016.

SAS University Edition software is free on Amazon Web Services Marketplace. ... and is no longer maintained by Indiana University.

The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! Instructions for installing SAS University Edition on Windows computers.

SAS software expires each year. Authorized Use: SAS software licensed under this agreement may only be installed and accessed by currently-registered Duke students and faculty, However, Amazon can charge you for usage of and storage in the instances you create.

SAS Institute SAS Institute Technical Support. ARCHIVED: How can I determine when my SAS installation will expire? How do I run the SAS University Edition vApp using VirtualBox? Once you launch SAS Studio again in a new session, the license expiration warning should be gone.

See the documentation for details." SAS licenses expire annually on June 30. We have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows and Linux.

SAS Links. Install SAS University Edition and visualization software; access SAS OnDemand for academics; utilize file path/directory in SAS studio Enroll in Course for FREE. JMP Pro 15 for Windows and Macintosh are now available to all faculty, staff, and students on Tigerware. SAS University Edition is free. ; Click Update, and then click Yes in the confirmation window. Renew/Register Instructions: All SAS licenses must be registered. If you have successfully updated your SAS University Edition and the SAS University Edition: Information Center still displays a warning about the license expiration, then you should make sure that you have opened SAS Studio and accepted the terms and conditions. Where do I get the virtualization software? Currently, the feasibility study of adopting SAS University Edition is in progress.

There is a 90-day grace period that extends through September 28. This is just in time when accessing SAS software and learning SAS programming count to be a pain. License Information Support Information List of Licensed Products License Information SAS software licenses are available at no cost to the Duke community through a grant from SAS to NCICU.

Additional Resources. This page explains how to acquire and implement a new license for SAS on your Windows computer.


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