All you need are six simple ingredients, one bowl, and one pan. -1 cup sourdough starter-1 1/2 cups flour-1/2 tsp salt-1/2 tsp baking soda-1 1/2 tbsp olive oil-2 tbsp water-olive oil & desired seasonings (rosemary, garlic powder, salt, etc.)

Add the sourdough starter, flour, salt, baking soda, and olive oil to the bowl of a stand mixer.

Easy Sourdough Flatbread Instructions. Making homemade sourdough starter discard flatbread couldn’t be easier.

masoor dal) or used to dip in hummus or even make personal toaster-oven pizzas.

In contemplating a sourdough discard flatbread, I’d had a vision of … This is a stovetop and sourdough-leavened variation on Indian naan flatbread. The flatbread is delicious when served with traditional Indian lentils (e.g. Add the minced garlic. My sourdough discard bread takes all the guesswork out of starters and lets you enjoy artisan-style bread with minimal work. Pour the starter mixture on the preheated stone in long, flatbread-ish, shapes. You must store your sourdough discard in the refrigerator if you’re collecting it more than two days.

You don’t have to throw your sourdough discard in the trash before feedings. Bake for about 10 minutes at … Sourdough discard flatbread couldn't be easier to make.

This is a great way to use up excess sourdough discard and it adds tons of incredible flavor. I particularly love this recipe because it minimizes waste, too! With the dough hook, mix until ingredients are combined.

This dough is easy to mix up, has a non-traditional cooking strategy of using a hot cast-iron pan. Tags: flatbread recipes, grilled bread, Renee Pottle, Washington, It may be too hot to bake, but it’s not too hot to enjoy sourdough bread.

Drizzle with one tablespoon olive oil. How to Add Sourdough Discard to a Regular Flatbread Recipe. To be clear, the recipe called for ripe starter, not discard starter, but, as my bread-making adventures have shown me, discard starter frequently can be substituted for ripe starter with no harm done. All you need are six simple ingredients, one bowl, and one pan. Directions: 1. A sourdough starter will do fine for a couple days on the counter without feeding, but soon it will grow a layer of liquid on the top ( hooch ) and it will keep fermenting to develop a super sour taste that’s much too overpowering to use in recipes.

The answer – grilled sourdough flatbread. You can use up sourdough discard in your usual favorite flatbread recipe too, and here’s how: Step 1 – Add sourdough discard to your recipe when you are combining the flour and water ingredients. This flatbread is soft and tender and very easy to make, requiring just a minute or two of kneading, and is super versatile too.

Preheat a pizza stone, or cast iron skillet, at 400 degrees.


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