The 75,000 BTU (22KW) burner heats the smoker … SPX-300 Mobile. Manufacturer: Southern Yankee BBQ Smokers Description: Based in Indiana, Southern Yankee BBQ manufactures custom mobile bbq smokers, pits, etc that are made to deliver real bbq flavor.

Ole Southern Smokers is located in Central Florida. Mobile Smokers. All of gravity feed smokers feature an inner cooking chamber built of 12 gauge steel and a 14 gauge outer shell. With 47 Grand Championships in 2013, Southern Q gravity fed and water cookers became one of if not the winningest smokers on the competition circuit.

Deep South vs Southern Q Gravity feed smokers Q-talk.

Buy a Southern Q Smoker or a TNT today. Southern Q Smokers. Southern Q is dedicated to building the equipment competition barbecue teams need to make it to the stage. We have gravity fed cookers and water smokers. The Southern Q Grill - $895. Southern Q Smokers & Trailers. Get in touch with Scott of Tim at 770-547-0110 and get a TNT or a Southern Q Smoker … We manage to keep our title by not only providing our customers with the worlds most reliable commercial smokers, and replacement parts, at rock bottom prices, but also by providing each customer with our world renowned after purchase support for all new, and used Southern Pride smokers. Good quality professional grade cookers are what is coming out of Southern Q. All Southern Pride smokers include the following: Proud History: Southern Pride has been manufacturing commercial barbecue smokers since 1976.

3K likes. You won't find a new Deepsouth or SouthernQ in that range. The SouthernQ Limo starts at $3800 and the Limo Elite is around $4300. Our gas smokers operate with natural or LP gas and have a firebox that can accommodate 1-3 fireplace sized logs for your smoke profile.

Distributor Network: Our products are sold through our worldwide network of independent distributors.

SPK-500 Mobile. Welcome to fatstack Smokers… We’re proud to offer high quality, hand made barbecue smokers. Our wood and charcoal-burning builds have been used in bbq competitions throughout the US, delivering consistently tasteful and juicy meat and making us one of the lead bbq …

Made in the USA: Every Southern Pride smoker is manufactured in our 117,000 square foot facility in Alamo, Tennessee. Without wood, the smokers serve as versatile roasting ovens. Each cooker we sell is inspired by one simple desire: to bring top notch, competition grade barbecue to as …

893 likes. SP-700 Mobile The Best BBQ Pitmasters of the South | Southern Living ... Southern Living Recommended for you.

We can build anything you want. First and foremost, this grill is solid. Using the same insulated double wall insulated firebox construction as our smokers, our grill is airtight so you can easily control your cooking temperature with the intake vent and chimney damper. 6:40. Southern Q Smokers builds and sells custom BBQ pits. Custom Mobile and Patio BBQ smokers for sale.


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