These special tests are indicative of syndesmotic injury as they produce a clear positive result, while other ankle sprains are negative (9). Place the heel of each hand at equal height on the shaft of the tibia and fibula, … J Bone Joint Surg Br 1965;47(4):669-677. 16. Br J Sports Med 2006;40(7):610-613. 1) Tibial External Rotation with Dorsiflexion - Positive test if symptomatic pain is reproduced in the area of the syndesmosis- directly over the AITFL, PITFL or interosseus membrane (8). More than 3 million ankle sprains presented to emergency departments in the United States during a 5-year period ().Nearly half of all ankle sprains reported during this period occurred during athletic activity. 2–4 In sport, the incidence is even higher. Fujii T, Luo Z, Kitaoka HB, et al. The syndesmosis is the dense, fatty tissue that runs the entire length between the tibia and fibula.

Orthopedic special tests of the ankle/foot complex are routinely used during the physical examination process in order to help diagnose ankle/lower leg pathologies. The two main tests that test for a lateral ankle sprain are the anterior drawer test and the inversion talar tilt test. Single leg balance test to identify risk of ankle sprains. Use of a standardized protocol enhances the management of ankle sprains.

High ankle sprain (Syndesmotic sprain) 5% to 10% 11. Acute injuries of the ankle are among the most common injuries of the musculo-skeletal system. 15.
Freeman MA. 17. Foot & ankle international, 32(12), 1110–1114.

The following is a list of some of the many special tests that have been developed for the ankle.

Individuals with chronic instability often report recurrent sprains and 'giving-way' sensation at the ankle joint, a condition clinical referred to as Functional Ankle Instability (FAI). Instability of the foot after injuries to the lateral ligament of the ankle. Foot and Ankle Special Tests / Orthopedic Test: Thompson’s Test (Achilles Tendon rupture) Testing For: •3rd degree strain or rupture of the Achilles tendon. Orthopedic Special Tests for the Ankle Anterior Drawer Test Compression Test Eversion Stress Test Eversion Talar Tilt Test Heel Tap A high ankle sprain is also called an syndesmosis sprain. Foot & ankle international, 32(12), 1110–1114. o The anterior talofibular ligament is the first or only ligament to be injured in the majority of ankle sprains.

Kinesthetic awareness in subjects with multiple ankle sprains.

Medial ankle sprain 5% to 10% 2. Rotating the ankle externally will aggravate pain from this injury. Ankle sprains are common injuries that affect both general and athletic populations alike. 1 It has been estimated that about one ankle sprain occurs per 10,000 people each day in Western countries. If yes, then it might suggest an injury to the tibiofibular ligament caused by Syndesmosis sprain .

Low ankle sprain Lateral ankle sprain: o The most common mechanism of ankle injury is inversion of the plantar-flexed foot.
It is maintained by the posterior and anterior tibiofibular ligaments.

Introduction. [3] Several clinical tests can be used to assess FAI and the respective ligament involved in the acute sprain or chronic instability . Procedure: •Patient is prone , feet over the edge of the table, legs relaxed •Squeeze the affected gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.

Trojian TH, McKeag DB. Garn SN, Newton RA. このSqueeze Testは、脛骨や腓骨の骨折があるかどうかをチェックする際にも使われるスペシャルテストですが、High Ankle SprainをチェックするためにこのSqueeze testを使う時は「ふくらはぎの真ん中」をSqueezeするようにしてください。 Introduction. Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging to physical examination for syndesmotic injury after lateral ankle sprain. Without adequate care, acute ankle trauma can result in chronic joint instability. The manual stress test may not be sufficient to differentiate ankle ligament injuries. The special tests I have listed have not taken this into account and therefore may be more beneficial as screening for a sprain vs. diagnosing a specific ligament.

Subsequently, for the last special test called the Thompson Test, ask the patient to lie prone on the exam table.

Purpose: The purpose of this systematic review was to investigate the diagnostic accuracy of ankle/lower leg special tests. Below is a description of what clinical findings are indicative of a lateral ankle sprain.

5–7 Sixteen to 21% of all sports related injuries are sprained ankles. Inversion motion causes ankle sprain.


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