We have picked out … Correct! Excluding the words "football club" from all team names, name the only team who have played in the Premier League whose name ends in a "G". Tackling, catching, running, there's more to football … I am the second highest top scorer for my nation with 20 goals.

I scored 11 games in a row during the 2015/16 season. Experts only! Who Am I? Start Quiz

Home ⇒ Football Quiz Questions Over 3,000 Football Quiz Questions. How much do you know about Asian Football? Also explore over 247 similar quizzes in this category. FIFA World Cup Football Trivia Football Quizzes 2 100 Football Questions Football Quizzes 4 Football Quizzes 5 World Cup Trivia . In fact, it's probably the best Premier League quiz ever. Which Football Player Are You? Who am I - Trivia Quiz Questions & Answers - Page 1 of 45. Try this amazing Football For Kids - Quiz quiz which has been attempted 2442 times by avid quiz takers.

Are you a rough-and-tumble bruiser or a nimble striker? Not easy by any stretch. After calculating each club's most valuable player this season, it's time to put you to the test. The Ultimate Football Quiz Questions Footie!

Football Quiz I. From the top-scoring players of every nationality in the Premier League to every Champions League final goalscorer, we've got hundreds of quizzes to enjoy. I will give a football players prominent position and the clubs he has played for, you have to guess the player. Answer Kyle Lafferty I have played with Paulo Dybala, Gennaro Gattuso, and Will Grigg. Guess I give up! Fri 20 Dec 2013 08.04 EST First published on … How would you lead your team to victory and represent your home country at The Cup? As of December 2018, name the four football managers to manage in the Premier League at the age of over 70? Would you be a fan favorite or an unsung hero? football quiz questions I made my international debut for Brazil in 1993 and scored in the game. I was born in Edinburgh in 1949 and was a midfielder by trade.

By WhoScored, part of the Guardian Sport Network • WhoScored.com provide statistics, live in-game data and rankings . Take our quiz and test yourself! As of December 2018, name the four football managers to manage in the Premier League at the age of over 70? Football Quizzes with Answers. Take the Quiz: Footballers: Who Am I?. I have won 4 titles across the 5 countries I've played in, 3 of them coming in one country. Football Quizzes with Answers. Test your football trivia knowledge now! FIFA World Cup Football Trivia Football Quizzes 2 100 Football Questions Football Quizzes 4 Football Quizzes 5 World Cup Trivia . Who Am I; I returned to Manchester United last summer for a world-record transfer fee. The most popular football quizzes on the internet. The clubs will be listed in the order he represented them. 'Who am I?' The “who am I?” quiz is a test of your football knowledge. Best 3,000 plus Football Quiz Questions from MyFootballFacts Question of the Day and Football Trivia.The Daily Football Quiz questions are compiled by month from Football Quiz June 2020 back to Football Quiz February 2011. Football quizzes: Test your football knowledge with Squawka's Premier League and Champions League themed quizzes. 27 April 2020. I have the most goals of any defender in PL history. The answers to the Football Teasers are linked to our rich resource of football stats and football … The Asian Football Quiz: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7, Round 8, Round 9, Round 10, Round 11, Round 12, Round 13 The-AFC.com's Asian Football Quiz: Who am I? It involves clues such as clubs the mystery player played for, the trophies they won and the leagues in which they have been active… Find out by taking this fun personality quiz!


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