Eruptions are found at divergent plate boundaries as continents break apart. The magma erupts to form lava.

Volcanoes also form as magma rises upward from the underlying mantle along the gap between the two plates. They occur along constructive plate boundaries because the heat of the mantle is greatest there and magma is upwelling. The plates are in constant motion, but every now and then, there will be a sudden shift instead of a slow slide. Remember from the chapter Plate Tectonics that Baja California is being broken apart from mainland Mexico as another example of continental rifting. Tectonic plates are pieces of the rocky outer layer of the Earth known as the crust. The volcanoes in Figure 5 are in the East African Rift between the African and Arabian plates. most volcanoes are found on plate boundaries because plate boundaries are wher the "holes" are in the earth's crust. These plates are constantly moving, and volcanoes and earthquakes are found at plate boundaries. Volcanoes form when magma, which is molten rock from beneath the Earth's crust, reaches the surface. Volcano - Volcano - Volcanoes related to plate boundaries: Topographic maps reveal the locations of large earthquakes and indicate the boundaries of the 12 major tectonic plates. At diverging plate boundaries, earthquakes occur as the plates pull away from each other. We almost never see these volcanoes, because most of them are located on the sea floor. That’s where all the action is…these are the area where the most movement takes place and, hence, movement=earthquake. Broadly speaking, plate tectonic plate boundaries fall into three categories: Convergent (colliding or smashing together), Divergent (spreading apart), and Strike-slip (sliding past each other to the left or right).


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