Call for Abstract

Our director has over 15 years of experience in the property industry and a masters’ degree in property development and planning. She has operated her own overseas property investment business for a few years assisting property investors seeking to buy properties abroad. After setting up and running a business our director wishes to focus on being a deal maker buying businesses.

So what type of businesses are we seeking to acquire?

We aim to invest first and foremost in profitable businesses as we buy income. However, we are open to buying businesses that has the potential to be scalable, businesses in need of improvement and failing businesses which we can be turned around.

So what industry do we purchase in?

We purchase businesses in the civil and structural engineering sector, responsive property services and management, and we are open to purchasing advertising and marketing businesses and businesses within the IT and legal sectors to a smaller extent. We are particular interested in businesses with assets and a long list of business contracts for the foreseeable future, a great IP and USP.

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